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Planning Submitted for new Housing Development and Park Extension in Flitwick

Planning Submitted for new Housing Development and Park Extension in Flitwick

An outline planning application has been submitted for a new housing development and extension to the approved Nature Park in Flitwick.
Working with Optimus Planning the development seeks outline planning approval for up to 190 homes off Trafalgar Drive to the North of Flitwick. The proposals provide a mix of 1 & 2 bedroom apartments and 3, 4 & 5 bed houses with a total of 133 private and 57 affordable dwellings.

The park extension links to the Nature Park with a continuation of the footpath network, tree planting and bio-diversity enhancements creating a soft residential edge and positive interface with the green space running between the settlements of Ampthill and Flitwick.

The design seeks to bring the park into the Southern area of the site creating a visual link between the quality green spaces and the residential areas. Play spaces are created within the residential areas and within the park extension by way of trim trails and natural play equipment and materials. Enhancements to the site by way of increased biodiversity and attenuation basins are provided to increase wildlife and natural drainage on the site.

The housing provision is policy complaint and provides much needed affordable housing, M4 (2) & M4 (3) housing, bungalows, and self-build/custom housing.

We believe the proposals would create a positive addition to the area bringing much need high quality housing, affordable housing and enhanced green spaces with public access to enjoy the open countryside and the surrounding footpath network.

6 December 2023

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