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Oak Hill Lawn Crematorium is Now Complete

Oak Hill Lawn Crematorium is Now Complete

We are delighted to announce that Oak Hill Lawn Crematorium is now finished, situated on the outskirts of Hatfield with a stunning view of the Hertfordshire countryside. We worked closely with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and RG Carter and are thrilled with the outcome.

The building is divided into three main areas. The primary function of the building is provided by the main public spaces on the processional route, which are accompanied by the administration offices and cremation spaces. These areas are typically occupied by employees on the site. Additionally, a separate grounds staff office and workshop are provided at the rear of the building. This area will be subcontracted out to the ground’s maintenance company.

The main chapel provides space for 150 seated guests. Additional standing room can be provided in the entrance foyer, with the doors between the foyer and chapel opened to create one space. The interior of the chapel has been designed to preserve the original features of the early concept. The glulam structure is complemented by light-coloured timber cladding, and the integrated acoustic treatment ensures a peaceful environment for reflection.

The building has been designed to sit within the landscape with the top of the chapel roof sitting lower than the surrounding tree line when viewed from the approach road at the site entrance. The primary building material is a buff/brown brick that has been carefully detailed to enhance the façade. The natural and earthy tones of the buff shades create a cohesive colour scheme. Additionally, a Portland stone band runs through the building, providing a beautiful edge to the port cochere.

20 September 2023

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