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MK Can World Record Attempt

MK Can World Record Attempt

We are very excited to share that we will be involved in the MK Can World Record attempt! MK Food Bank has organised this amazing event to support thousands of households in crisis, and to put our city on the world map.

The MK Food Bank, backed by 400 businesses and community supporters, aims to surpass the current record of 45,000 cans by collecting an impressive 132,000 cans, which would stretch to 10km!

The event is happening on Monday 16th October to commemorate World Food Day, an initiative celebrated globally across 150 countries, that aims to raise awareness about hunger and promote actions for the betterment of the future of food, people, and the planet.

Our team will be responsible for collecting 350 cans and creating our part of the line, feel free to stop by and say hello! If you are interested in donating cans then do get in touch, we would greatly appreciate any contributions! If you would like to donate or learn about other ways to offer assistance, please visit the MK Food Bank website.

The line – which will wend its way round Milton Keynes’ Campbell Park, starting at The World Food Day Pillar at the iconic MK Rose – will provide over half of the canned food we need for an entire year.
As a whole Milton Keynes effort, we’ll also attract wide-reaching, positive publicity for Milton Keynes, and put our new city on the international map. Businesses, community groups, schools and churches will adopt one of 400 sections of the line, providing the cans and the volunteers to staff their section.
A major public celebration event will follow, with the public invited to “walk the line” and enjoy a range of entertainments on the way.


30 August 2023

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