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Sustainable Crematorium

with improved thermal insulation and hide elements of the building.
Typically, we find most crematorium clients request one celebration space. In developing this two-celebration space concept, we incorporated a courtyard to allow the spaces to connect, if required, whilst providing privacy through movable screens.
Finally, the roofs of the celebration spaces poke through the green roofing, to improve the acoustics and provide the opportunity for high level natural daylighting.

This sustainable crematorium scheme was developed to demonstrate that crematorium design can be both environmentally friendly and universal.
The primary concept, the circular arrangement allows this building type to be located easily on any site. The orientation of the building can be adjusted to suit too, to work with passivhaus principles.
One key factor of crematorium design is discretion. Both for the public and the visitors/mourners. In this concept design we are suggesting that using the landfill from the foundation/slab dig to encase the building will help





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