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Netherhouse Farm

Our design places the crematory hall and the day-to-day workings of the crematorium at basement level, below the public facing ceremonial spaces. This both significantly reduces the impact of the building on the landscape and works within the volumes of building already permitted on the site.
The building is constructed of large timber structural beams and columns, timber shingle roofs and low-level facing brickwork. It’s a relatively unique approach to the design and layout of a crematorium that works seamlessly with the existing plot and landscape and provides much-needed services to the local community.

Netherhouse Farm in Waltham Abbey is a new crematorium on an existing large, landscaped site containing burial plots, natural burial grounds and isolated funeral services buildings. This project was to replace one of those funeral service buildings with a full-service crematorium. It was commissioned by CDS Ltd and a private client, and we worked on the £4m project with consultants Cemetery Development Services Ltd.
The site sits on the edge of northeast London where the open landscape of the greenbelt begins. It therefore required an innovative design solution which utilised the topography of the site and concealed the crematorium flues as part of the structure of the architecture.





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