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East Cambs

The crematorium has been designed to provide
a series of spaces within a series of different volumes. The main buildings are connected by a flat-roofed links and a covered external canopy at the front of the main service hall. Each space has a distinct function and has been designed to fall into a sequence as visitors make their way through the building from arrival at the waiting building, into the entrance foyer and through to the main chapel.

This unique design has the intention to create an
uplifting, hopeful and comforting space. A light,
reflective and inclusive atmosphere with high levels of natural light, fresh air, controlled acoustics and views
out onto the lake and landscape beyond.

East Cambridgeshire Crematorium is a new build crematorium commissioned by East Cambridgeshire District Council. The crematorium will sit on a brownfield site located between Mepal and Chatteris and will contain a crematory hall, a main and side chapels, waiting areas, an office space, and external spaces.

The site is dominated by the lake, sandy beaches and tree lined edges and was home to a derelict outdoor pursuits centre; abandoned since the 1990’s. The new designs have taken inspiration from the woodland
landscape and the original Mepal bridge crossing and will see the introduction of new structures nestled into the existing site, with raised access walkways linking
different parts of the building.





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