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Plans Approved in the Historical Village of Cogenhoe

We are delighted to have just received planning approval for an exciting new development in the village of Cogenhoe. This historical village is located in South Northamptonshire. The scheme will be in the heart of the village and will make a significant and positive contribution to the area.

The approval consists of demolition of the existing 5-bed property and in its place the construction of 3, 2-bed bungalows, 1, 3-bed bungalow and a 4-bed house. The new site layout will also include parking, landscaping, waste storage and amenity space. Our approach was a direct response to the local authority’s need for single-storey living and varied house types to ensure that the communities’ housing needs are better served.

With their new modern designs, the façades are animated with high quality materials making them a pleasure to live in and be around.

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