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Rooftop: MK
An Innovative Research Concept Exploring Milton Keynes’ Unused Rooftops

Rooftop: MK
An Innovative Research Concept Exploring Milton Keynes’ Unused Rooftops

Rooftop:MK celebrates Milton Keynes’ recently granted City Status. Benchmark Architects have explored an exciting concept for transforming the rooftops of the listed shopping centre - Centre:MK into a recreational roofscape that aims to promote Milton Keynes as a world-class city.

The concept was inspired by innovative design solutions for public spaces and biodiversity gain such as the Highline in New York and MVRDV’s series of temporary staircase podiums in Rotterdam. Both cities lead in high-quality urban landscape, well-being and regeneration. Benchmark Architects believe Milton Keynes should have equally ambitious visions for the future of the city.

Benchmark Architects want to contribute to the ambitions of the Milton Keynes Strategy for 2050. Developing an elevated ‘green way’ through the heart the city offers a new perspective on the changing cityscape. This under-utilised 80,000sqm of roofscape could provide enormous social and well-being benefits by offering sports facilities, market stalls, entertainment space and public amenities, enlivening this previously unseen city space.

The design promotes biodiversity through the greening of rooftops and community allotments and could provide a resourceful strategy for rainwater harvesting and energy generation through photovoltaics and vertical axis wind turbines. This elaborate and engaging concept for regeneration in the city centre would bring new employment and small business opportunities, and an unrivalled destination visitor attraction in Milton Keynes, giving the 21st-century city the attention it deserves.

Benchmark Architects have an agenda to contribute to the sustainable future of the built environment on their doorstep by making a positive impact in the development of a truly unique city.

Mark Doohan, Managing Director at Benchmark Architects said “Rooftop:MK is a creative study and innovative concept for the next step in Milton Keynes’ development as a leading city of the future with sustainability, design and well-being at its core”.

To read our full research proposal, download it here:

28 June 2024

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