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RIBA Part II Success for Helaena & Jos

RIBA Part II Success for Helaena & Jos

Becoming an architect is a rigorous process that requires a minimum of seven years of training. It involves completing several stages of education, professional experience, and passing a series of examinations. It's a challenging journey, but it's also highly rewarding and fulfilling.
That's why we are thrilled to announce that Helaena and Jos have recently passed their RIBA Part II qualifications. This is a significant achievement that demonstrates their commitment, hard work, and talent. They have spent countless hours studying, designing, and collaborating with their peers to hone their skills and knowledge in architecture.
We congratulate Helaena and Jos on their accomplishment and look forward to seeing their future contributions to the field of architecture.

"The first year of my Part II course at The London School of Architecture required students to work 3 days a week in practice. Benchmark presented the opportunity for me to continue working with them throughout my first and second year of my master's. The course was very demanding and required diligence, and I am very grateful that Benchmark has been so encouraging and supportive throughout.
The team have kept me actively working on a variety of projects over the year, which has not only broken up the workload of my studies in the week but enhanced my breadth of knowledge in practice. I am now enjoying working full-time at Benchmark and looking forward to progressing with my Part III."
Helaena Blanch

"The RIBA Studio offered an alternative route to qualification which has enabled me to undertake my Part II studies whilst working full-time in the office. It has been a long and challenging process as I have needed to manage work, home life and self-directed studying. However, I am grateful for the support of the office and colleagues who have continued to encourage me throughout the course. This unconventional route has enabled me to develop my professional skills over a number of years and I am excited to put these into practice as a qualified architect within the Benchmark team."
Jos Rowe

6 March 2024

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