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Greenbelt Crematorium Concept Design

Greenbelt Crematorium Concept Design

Benchmark Architects have recently prepared a concept design for a new build crematorium located on greenbelt land in the UK. Developing in the greenbelt is notoriously difficult and therefore a lot of consideration of the design, position, scale, orientation and visual impact is required.

This project accommodates a ceremonial hall with a seating capacity of 100-120 people and is accompanied with the necessary ancillary spaces required to undertake cremations. The building has been design to be low-lying in the existing landscape and has been sited adjacent to an existing mature tree line on the site. These choices reduce the visual impact of the development, particularly in relation to key views across the open landscape and from adjacent dwellings.

The layout has been designed to work with the primary movement flows through the crematorium. Parking areas are focused towards the main entrance, helping to encourage members of the public to move towards the entrance upon arrival. An attenuation pond will be positioned to the east of the ceremony hall, providing an enhanced view out as well as a creating a physical buffer to prevent people from walking alongside the building whilst a ceremony is taking place. The exit route through the flower court leads people back to the car park, via the limousine pick-up point and entrance to the memorial gardens. Using landscaping in this way, helps to keep mourners and families arriving and leaving the building apart maintaining smooth transition between services.

The design concept aims to establish a multi-sensory experience for building users. We focus on materials, textures, scent and touch as key design drivers. The experience begins as users arrive in the car park where aromatic planting and textured walkways direct people to the building entrances. Complementary to the flow routes through the building, the administration, ceremonial and cremation spaces are placed in a linear layout, with an external cloister connecting the three distinct volumes. An ornamental pond sited to the western side of the cloister enables dappled sunlight to reflect up into the ceremonial hall to create a beautiful and dynamic internal atmosphere. Local materials have been selected to ensure the crematorium is suited to the local vernacular.

We believe that high quality design in architecture and materials, alongside a low visual impact solution is the key to successful greenbelt design.
Watch this space.

29 November 2023

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