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A Greener Benchmark 2.0

A Greener Benchmark 2.0

As part of our Greener Benchmark scheme, we pledged to plant one tree for every new project we were instructed on. We ended up planting an amazing 200 trees, which means we planted an average of 2.5 trees per live project in 2023!

During our first corporate planting event with the Forest of Marston Vale, we had the pleasure of experiencing beautiful clear skies and sunshine. However, the sub-zero temperatures had caused the ground to become rock solid. Nonetheless, with the sun shining down on us, we were soon planting a mix of native shrubs at the Flitwick site.

A total of 200 shrubs were planted, including hazel, guelder rose, privet, dogwood, buckthorn and blackthorn in the 2 hour planting session and we loved the sense of achievement when we surveyed our results of the morning’s work!
After our hard work, we headed back to the Forest Centre for a lovely lunch!

If your organisation would like to get involved with sponsoring and planting trees within the Forest of Marston Vale, please get in touch with Robina via email at 🌳

21 February 2024

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