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Happy Birthday


Hi I’m Mark. After 16 years of architectural adventures at international architecture practice, FCH Architects, I have stepped out to launch a new architecture and design studio, BENCHMARK ARCHITECTS. It’s something that, I think, every architect considers at one time or another but we don’t all do it. So let’s go…

Let’s take the risk, push the boundaries, grow the team, develop the skills, tell the world, break the mould, set the standard, be the benchmark.

I know it’s not easy, I know it’ll be hard work but I feel blessed because; I love designing buildings, spaces and places. I love meeting people, being part of a team and delivering design: big or small. I love helping people, solving problems and finding potential. In the end, to me that’s what being an architect is.

So you are officially invited to our 1st birthday. One year from now let’s have a drink and see how far we’ve got.

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