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Benchmark Architects Deliver “Exceptional Design Quality”

Having our work featured will never not be exciting. This time we have been featured in the Mansfield Street Character Guide. When talking about ‘Proposed Building Heights’, The Mansfield Street Character Guide has stated that our project’s application on Sandacre Street “was of an exceptional design quality.”

“Within the character area itself, between Church Gate and Belgrave Gate there are limited constraints and the council has considered heights in this area in detail given the recent applications. This has included 3D modelling using the city model and assessing the impact of development and associated heights and massing on the setting of heritage assets, including identified key views. This assessment has helped inform the heights for the approved scheme at Sandacre Street and other ongoing applications, and interest, in this area. Heights shown within the red line of the Sandacre Street application reflect the approved heights. It should be noted however, that the application submitted was of an exceptional design quality. The scale and architectural quality were considered in combination.”

A big well done to our team who do exceptional work daily! Have a look through our website for some more examples of the stunning work they do, and if you like what you see then please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


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